Rabu, 06 Juli 2011

Marine Conservation Area is 20 Million Hectares

From: "Ministry Of Marine Affair And Fisheries" (Click here)

Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) encourage increased production of Marine culture. One other thing is targeted water conservation area covering 15.5 million hectares (ha) in 2014. Area of maintenance and protection of these marine increase 11.5% compared with last year's conservation area which reached 13.9 million ha. KKP targeted water conservation areas in 2020 could reach 20 million hectares.
Gelwynn Yusuf, Secretary General of KKP explains this conservation area will be managed by central and local governments. "The government budget is limited, on the other hand to manage the wide biodiversity requires huge funds," Gelwynn said on Thursday (17/3).
Government will mobilize other resources to support processing of the conservation area. For example, by distributing the management of licensing fees, taxes, fees fines for violations, pollution fines, grants from domestic and overseas, corporate social responsibility program, or environmental management of funds by non-profit self supporting organizations.
Currently, conservation of water management financing comes from the government budgets. "Other sources such as foreign aid, LSM, and grant" continued Gelwynn. Nevertheless, he said the funds were not sufficient. Because, to manage the 20,000 hectares area below, required funding of about U.S. $ 110 per hectares.

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